Vocations: Something to Meditate On

posted Oct 12, 2011, 10:19 AM by St. Joseph Cheyenne
Yes, dear young people, Jesus wants to be your friend, your brother in life, the teacher who shows 
you the way to follow to attain happiness. He loves you for what you are, in your frailty and your weakness, so that, touched by his love, you may be transformed. Live this encounter with Christ's love in a strong personal relationship with him. Live it in the Church, first and foremost in the Sacraments. Live it in the Eucharist, in which his Sacrifice is made present: he truly gives his Body and Blood for us, to redeem humanity's sins so that we may become one with him, so that we too may learn the logic of giving ourselves. Live it in Confession where, in offering us his forgiveness, Jesus accepts us with all our limitations in order to give us a new heart that can love as he does. Learn and become familiar with the word of God and meditate upon it, especially in Lectio Divina, the spiritual reading of the Bible. Lastly, learn to find Christ's love in the Church's testimony of charity… You will encounter this love and will experience all its fruitfulness if you seek the Lord sincerely and live with commitment your participation in the life of the Christian community. May each one of you feel "a living part" of the Church, engaging without fear in her work of evangelization, in a spirit of sincere harmony with your brothers and sisters in the faith and in communion with your Pastors, leaving behind every individualistic tendency, also in living out faith, in order to breathe deeply the beauty of being part of the great mosaic of Christ's Church. – Pope Benedict XVI’s pastoral visit to Turin meeting with the young people at St. Charles Square, Fifth Sunday of Easter, 2 May 2010