Vocation Meditation: The Depths of Jesus’ Love

posted Apr 24, 2012, 12:45 PM by St. Joseph Cheyenne   [ updated Apr 24, 2012, 12:46 PM ]
Jesus makes a startling revelation: He says that the love He has for us, His disciples, is the same as the love the Father has for Him. Here is the remarkable thing: the Father “cannot help” loving the Son, for the Son is full of perfection, He is the perfect image of the Father, He is God and Goodness… So the Father’s love for the Son is explicable. But we are sinners, and yet Jesus says He loves us as intensely, as sincerely as the Father loves Him. Before even the world came to be, the Father and the Son were immersed in boundless, mutual love. The Holy Spirit is this bond of love. The intimacy of the union and self-giving of the Blessed Trinity surpasses any human comparison, and yet Our Lord tells His disciples He loves us in the same way. This shows the depth of Jesus’ love for us. It is not a passing feeling, it is not superficial, it won’t ever end. It is the one thing we can always depend upon in life. The circumstances and timing when Jesus chose to let His disciples in on His great truth are striking. It was not a moment in which everything was going fine. On the
contrary, He is just a few hours away from giving His life for them, He is a very short time away from the moment in which His love for them and the Father will be severely put to the test –in Gethsemane every human fiber in Him will cry out to His Father if there is not some other way to save us. He will then be abandoned and betrayed by those He now calls friends. Yet Jesus will say to His Father, “not My will but Yours be done.” With His actions Jesus shows us that when He says He loves us He means He will be faithful to us, no matter what the personal cost to Him, and no matter how weak we are. Love is what Jesus gives us freely, it is not a repayment for some great thing we have done for Him. Jesus also offers us His friendship. He invites us to remain in His love. We are not called to be a spectator, but to learn from Him and “do likewise”.