Vocation Meditation: Price and Peace

posted Jan 25, 2012, 9:20 AM by St. Joseph Cheyenne
We call Mary the Queen of Peace and at Christmas we remember Christ as the Prince of Peace. We see in both of them that peace is not the absence of struggle, for both their lives are brimming with sacrifice which culminates with Christ’s death on the Cross, with Mary standing beside him. So, where is true peace to be found? It consists in the conquest of what is disordered in our lives and in overcoming the fruits of sin. Neither Christ nor Mary sinned, but they conquered the fruit of sin in the world, Christ by his life, passion, death and resurrection, and Mary by cooperating in Christ’s redeeming work. Working to allow Christ to reign in our heart and doing all we can to help others open their hearts to him in the same way are the way to bring peace into our lives. Peace is not so much the absence of struggle as knowing that we are in our Father’s hands and all things contribute to the good of those whom God loves. We often overlook the fact that external peace, peace between people, is the fruit of the peace that first reigns in our own soul. The person who loves and believes in Christ will face the difficulties, struggles and adversities of life with a peace and serenity that others do not understand. When we are not at peace in ourselves, the reason is often that whoever seeks his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. Following Christ, opening the doors of our heart fully to him place us right in the middle of this gospel paradox: forgetting ourselves is how we find ourselves, entering into the battle for the Kingdom is how we find peace.