Stewardship Ideas

posted Jul 15, 2011, 11:06 AM by St. Joseph Cheyenne   [ updated Jul 15, 2011, 11:23 AM ]
Think of a charity which is amply blessed at Christmas. Remember them with a gift mid-year. Invite a single friend over for a meal. Attend an extra Mass on a weekday this month. Abstain from some-thing you like – meat, a latte, a cold drink – on Fridays and save the money for a charity. Take your rosary with you for an early morning walk. Recycle more. Each day, say a prayer for one of the world‘s trouble spots. Turn off the TV, phone, and computer, and spend an hour devoted to someone you love. Surprise an old friend with a phone call. Buy or pick a flower for someone without a ―reason.‖ Do something special for your pastor. Take your family to a farmers‘ market if in season. Stop for a moment during your busy day and enjoy an ice cream cone or other favorite treat. If you hear a great homily, tell the homilist. Splurge on some produce and buy enough to share with some-one in need. See if you can go one day without complaining. On occasion, try turning your prayer before meals into a spontaneous prayer of thanks, using your own words. Send an unexpected thank you note for a small favor. If you spot a neighbor in the yard, stop for a brief chat. When standing in the store checkout line, let someone with fewer items go ahead of you. Sing at Mass.