Stewardship - Be Generous and Prudent with Parish Commitments

posted Sep 15, 2011, 10:16 AM by St. Joseph Cheyenne   [ updated Sep 15, 2011, 10:22 AM ]
September marks the beginning of school. Little ones bid a teary farewell at the kindergarten door, 
and college students embark on their first steps towards adulthood. For everyone in between, it’s a time when the lazy days of summer are transformed into a season of routines, schedules and commitments. If you’re not being besieged to sign up for a long list of volunteer opportunities at school, sports or scouts, your parish may be gearing up for the ministry fair and "commitment Sunday." A good steward will approach this season of "sign-ups" with the right attitude and prayerful reflection. Here are some considerations for using your gifts of time and talent wisely and generously: a smart person once said that your vocation is the place where your greatest happiness intersects with the world’s greatest need. So commit yourself to something you can get excited about. Don’t sign up from a guilt complex, or a ―nobody’s going to do this so I guess I should‖ frame of mind. Feel free to try something new; don’t think that since you joined one committee last year, you’re stuck for life. Be generous with your time, but don’t over-commit. Think of the time you spend surfing the web or watching television, and then think about how you can channel some of that time into service for your parish family. Remember that stewardship of your family, and taking care of your own spiritual health, are of primary importance. Be selective about the parish commitments you make, and then give yourself whole-heartily and efficiently to your chosen role. Be a person your committee can always count on. And when you’re pondering commitments, don’t forget to consider the commitments of your whole family and how they intersect. Today’s kids are often over-booked, and all these "sign-ups" should never take away from family nights around the dinner table and evenings spent together. Plan a family discussion, and family prayer, before everyone plunges into a fall and winter of busyness. Make this year’s commitment of time and talent enriching for all!